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(That's me with my SONY PS2 Game Advisory Pannel Hat!:D)
Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Elisa Chong, and you may know me online as fan artist and concept artist Sofianime. I was born in Southamerica, in a city called Cartagena. In its original language, the name of this city means "A mermaid's song". This beautiful city has inspired me over the years to create my mermaid illustrations.
I am a self taught artist who started drawing at the young age of five. I was inspired by cartoons and animations from all over the world, including Japanese animation and manga.
I have a vivid and overactive imagination. I have many colorful and creative ideas in my mind, and seeing them transfered onto paper, to create a piece of art is an exciting and satisfying experience.
I learned to create art by reading many art books and by practicing drawing and creating art every day, and every chance that I get. I took art classes in high school and college. I was always inspired to draw the human figure, fantastic characters and monsters among other subjects.

I have a bachelor's degree in computer animation, specializing in 3D and 2D animation. Besides creating animation, my specialty is creating concept art and character design for videogames, animation series and comic book series.
I am currently working as a concept artist for videogames, for the last four years. It's a fun and challenging job. I get to draw every day, and I get to create some awesome creatures, characters and monsters.
My favorite media to use when creating art are: Pencil, pen and ink on bristol board, markers, color pencils, gouache and watercolors.
I also like to create digital art with Photoshop, Painter and my Wacom tablet.
When I have some free time from my professional projects, I like to relax my creating fantasy art with gouache and watercolors on paper. There is nothing more relaxing to me than listening to my favorite techno music while experimenting with colorful watercolors. It's a lot of fun, to be able to paint with all those bright colors on paper. Some of my favorite subjects to draw and paint are: angels, faeries, mermaids and other fantastic creatures that come out of my imagination.
Because of my overactive imagination, I am always coming up with new and interesting ideas for drawing faeries, mermaids and more. (Check out my GALLERY for new faerie and mermaid art, and my SKETCHBOOK and you will see what I mean!)
Some of my hobbies, besides creating art are: Cooking, baking, collecting cookbooks from all over the world, collecting and listening to good techno music (I love DJ Sasha's music, and the NAMCO music team), growing and drawing roses, collecting anime artbooks, mangas and dvds, going out for good sushi and sake, and of course, playing videogames!!
One of my biggest passions in life, besides drawing is playing videogames. I always loved to create fanart of my favorite videogame characters. It's a lot of fun for me, plus it's great drawing practice! I like to bring my characters to life, when I draw and create them.
I like to work closely with the creators of the characters, and ask them a lot of questions about the personality of their characters, before I bring them to life, in a concept sketch. To me it is very important, to understand the attitude and personality of a character, before designing it. To me, creating and developing characters is a true passion. I never get bored of designing new characters, be it for videogames, or comic books or animation series.
I am currently collecting and reading the mangas: Ayashi No Ceres and Alice 19th by Yuu Watase, and the Card Captor Sakura bilingual manga. I also love all the manga by Clamp. My favorite anime right now is: the entire Read or Die series, GITS SAC, and always, Cowboy bebop. The videogames that I am playing right now are: Tekken 5(this game just rulezzz! My thumbs are officially sore from playing it too much! :D!), God of War and The Lord of Misrule. I don't usually have much time to play my favorite videogames, due to my projects, but I enjoy them greatly every chance that I get! I also like collecting and reading books about faerie tales and mythology from countries around the world.
I started drawing fanart from my favorite comic books, anime and videogame characters back in 1996. It was great drawing practice. I became a digital artist in the year 2000. I love working with Photoshop. It's an awesome program. And been working as a concept artist for videogames since 2001. I am also a member of SONY Playstation's Game Advisory Panel.
My faerie and mermaid illustrations are being displayed in galeries all over the world, and my original art is being collected by many fans.
I am also available for commissioned art. I am available for character design and concept art for videogames, comic books and animation, tattoo design and logo design. Please EMAIL ME! with your projects, ideas and requests. I love working on different, creative and interesting projects. I always love a good creative challenge.
People say I smile a lot. I like to project my smile and cheerfulness onto the art I create, so I can cheer all my fans up with my art. =)
My philosophies in life is to always share the love and peace, stay cheerful everyday and do the best that I can in everything I do. And most important, to enjoy everything that you love to do in life.
What inspires me to draw faeries? Sitting out in my rose garden, looking at beautiful flowers, like roses, jasmines and orchids... looking at those beautiful and colorful butterfly and dragonfly wings... they bring my best inspiration for drawing faeries. And most important of all, believing in faeries!! =)
What inspires me to draw mermaids? just closing my eyes and imagining that I am sitting in that magical city, next to the beach, enjoying the caress of the sea breeze on my face, and playing with my hair... is all it takes for me to create those beautiful mermaid illustrations. Just imagining the beautiful beaches, the crystal blue seas, the palm trees dancing with the wind... they help me create those beautiful illustrations. And yes, I also believe in mermaids! =)
I like to send a message of love and peace in every piece of art I create. I truly have a lot of fun creating my art, and I always like to dedicate it to all of you, my fans and friends!
Thank you, everyone for taking the time and reading my profile. If you have any questions of comments, feel free to EMAIL ME!

Below is an FAQ about Sofianime =)

~Who are you?
>Sofi: Hi! I am Sofianime, aka Elisa Chong. I am a conceptual character designer, illustrator and 2d animator who loves to draw all the time! ^_^! I am currently working for a videogame company.
~When is your birthday?
>Sofi: My birthday is on March 28th :D I am an Aries!

~Where are you from?
>Sofi: I was born in Southamerica, but I am currently in Arizona.

~What are your hobbies?
>Sofi: Mainly, it is drawing! I love to draw manga style whenever I have a chance! I have been drawing since I was five years old. And I haven't stopped ever since! Besides drawing, I like to create art with color pencils, markers and gouache. I also like to watch and collect anime on DVD (and all kinds of anime merchandise, specially anime art books! ^_^;;), I like to play videogames, cooking and baking, creating sculptures, creating animations, dancing, skating, playing with photoshop, growing roses, looking for good sushi restaurants XD and collecting comic books.

~Interesting! I share some of the same hobbies too...What are your favorite colors?
>Sofi: I like red, purple and black. Lately I like pink and sky blue.

~Do you have any favorite anime DVDs?
>Sofi: I have some, but the list keeps growing! ^^;; The first anime I watched was Fatal Fury. I loved it and still do! I have the boxed set now =). I also seen Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell, Street Fighter 2V, Neon Genesis Evangelion. I love Sailor Moon (the entire series plus Sailor Stars), Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Fushigi Yuugi, Trigun (Vashuu-san is sooo kawaii!), and as always, I like to watch my anime in japanese and subtitled! =] (i'll tell you more later if i got any new dvds) ^_^!

~Ok! What are your favorite videogames?
>Sofi: I looove puzzle games, fighting games and RPGs. I love anything tetris, Capcom games, anything by namco (specially the Tekken series) and the Final Fantasy series. I also like Nights into Dreams. That was a kool game!

~Indeed!Who are your favorite artists?
>Sofi: My favorite artists right now are Obari, Shirow, Tezuka, Takeuchi and Saito. They all are a great source of inspiration for me =)

~Cool! Hey, do you do art commissions?
>Sofi: Yeah! All the time! A lot of my fanboys and fangirls have me create commissioned art for them. They tell me exactly what they like and I draw it just like that for them! ^_^;; The best part is seeing their expressions when I hand them the finished piece of artwork! :) I love doing commissioned art because it is a fun challenge! And knowing that it makes my fans happy is even better! =) Hey, if anybody wants a special piece of commissioned art made by yours truly, please email me! I'd be most happy to create a piece of art for you!

~Yay! And last, before we start ranting, do you have any advice for your fans?
>Sofi: Sure! My dear fans, always stay happy and positive! To all of you who want to become an artist or animator, never give up. Always be persistent. Practice every chance you can. Nourish your creativity and imagination...Always ask questions, you will find the knowledge you seek. Always share the knowledge, that way everyone can grow and benefit from it. Always think teamwork! Get together with friends who share the same passions and you'll see how fast everyone improves! ^__^

~Got it!
>Sofi: And one last thing: To all of my fanboys, fangirls and friends (y'all know who you are! ^_~) (believe me,it's a long list!) I want you to know, you guys are great! You guys rule!! Thank you all! I am always looking forward to making new friends! =) So just drop me a line and we'll chat! And if you are ever in Arizona,and you love sushi, drop me a line and we'll go to lunch!(and i am not kidding! ^_~) See you all soon! >>Sofi! :D

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