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>>Sofianime! =).

Anime Stores! of my favorite stores to shop at, for all your anime needs!
Anime on DVD -Here you will find all the information needed on upcoming anime dvd releases and much more! -This is where Sofi gets most of her anime and artbooks! -This is another site with links to great deals on DVDs! Check it out! you are a true animeholic collector of dvds, you must join their replay program!Click to find out more! ^_~

Friends sites
-This is an art gallery with very interesting artwork! Go check it out!

-This is Mizu*s Anime Shrine! It's very kawaii!! :D!

Cowgirl Pinups-This is my friend Ray's page! ^_^ Check out the awesome cowgirl pinup art!

Glant's Page!-This is my friend Glant's page! ^_^

Van Ho-This is the page of a cool artist named Michael Hocke, who is the creator of Violetta! Check out his cool site!

Golden Wok Online Menu-Check out this menu for some delicious food at the Golden Wok! The food is made fresh everyday when you order it. It's one of my favorite restaurants in AZ!! =D

Jasmine Restaurant Online Menu-Check out this menu for some delicious food at Jasmine Restaurant! Located in Scottsdale, they make fresh and delicious chinese food!! =D

Videogame World!
Soul Calibur!-One of my most favorite sites ever! It has cg renders of each character, background even their history. And the background music files rock too!

Tekken Zaibatsu!-This is the site for all your Tekken needs. Need I say more?? ^^;;

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