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Welcome fanboys and fangirls to Sofianime's Online Art Gallery! Here you can find artwork that I have created since 1998. Come back often so you can check out awesome new artwork!

My favorite medium to work in are pencils, pen and ink on bristol board, gouache, colored pencils and markers. Many of the illustrations here are original pieces of artwork. Some were finished with watercolors, some were finished with pen and ink, and some pieces were finished on the computer as digital art, with the use of Photoshop and an intuous 3 wacom tablet.

I also create fanart from time to time, of my favorite characters from famous anime and videogames. Below you will find fanart of Ivy from Soul Calibur, of Chun Li from Street Fighter, Morrigan from Darkstalkers, Minako-chan from Sailor Moon, Rei from Evangelion and much more. I love playing videogames, and creating fanart of my favorite characters.

I have also been creating and drawing faeries and mermaid illustrations for some children's books. I love creating colorful illustrations.

Well, before I start ranting too much, go check out my art below! And do let me know what you think of it! I love getting comments and critiques. Questions are always welcome! You can always email me.
Thank you!

Ten new mermaid and faerie pics have been added! Check them out below.
Enjoy the art!


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Rose Bellydancer Mermaid

Bellydancer Mermaid2

Blue merman

Rose petal Mermaid

Egyptian Queen


Pinktail mermaid

Pinktail mermaid 2

Blue Tail Mermaid

Jazmine Faerie 3

Rose Faerie 2

Smirky Faerie

Thinking Faerie

Wysteria Faerie

Wysteria Faerie 2

Chun Li and Cammy

Ivy Fanart 2

Purple Tail 3

Sexy Faerie 3

Purple Tail 2

Sakura Faerie

Aquamarinne Blue

Alexxia Smiling

Sakura Mermaid 2

Shirow Fanart



Blue Wings

Mermaid Crystal

Pink Tail

Purple Mermaid

Mermaid Rosali

Rose faerie

Tattoo Mermaid

Aqua on rocks

Jazmine mermaid2

Aqua and a rose

Guardian Angel


Alexxia 3


Aquamarinne 2

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