Aquamarinne and Crystal Blue Seas

Title: Aquamarinne of the Crystal Blue Seas
Size: 5.5 by 8 inches
Medium: Pencil and watercolors on paper.
Year: 2006

She started as a doodle I drew in a small sketchbook while I was on vacation, visiting my cousins. I was in a city near the sea, which inspired me to draw this mermaid, named Aquamarinne. In fact, that sketchbook is filled with mermaid sketches. This sketch was sitting on my drawing board for over a year, until a dear friend asked me to color it up! (She fell in love with the sketch) And I did, starting with just blue and white. It looked so beautiful with just blue in it, it took me weeks to decide to add color to her skin. The skin tones were watercolored by candle light. I was very surprised at the results, oh how the shading of the skin came out. I am going to try this technique again, for skin tones. I ended giving Aquamarinne a purple tail too. And my friend ended up with a print of this illustration too. ~Sofi! :D!

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