Title: Egyptian Queen Mermaid-Original Artwork
Size: 8.5 by 11 inches
Media: Inks, glitter gel pens and Sakura Koi watercolors on Bristol board.
Created in: 2007
Original artwork Sold!

Artist's Comments: In ancient times, an Egyptian Queen lives in a hidden pyramid under the sea. She was a beautiful queen, who loved to wear gold jewerly, necklaces, belly chains and bracelets and rings, all made with gold and stylish wigs. She liked to outline her eyes with kohl, to make them more beautiful. She loved to drink wine in a golden goblet, and loved to spend time in her pyramid, which had interesting hyeroglyphs etched all over the walls. This fashionable queen of the seas was created for the march fashion challenge at the ebay group Sea Gods which I am a proud menber of. The march theme was asian or egyptian fashion. I chose the later. She was created with Sakura Koi watercolors and waterproof ink on acid free bristol board, and glitter gel pens were used to embellish the entire image, from the gold jewerly to her glittery blue tail. Her blue scales were painted one at a time, with blue glitter gel paints. I enjoy working with this new set of watercolors, they are very vibrant and bring out wonderful colors and textures in this painting.

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