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These are a collection of my favorite links and references.

Advice for Artists

All About Anime
Anime Web Turnpike

Animation World Magazine

Drawing Tutorials


Computer Coloring/Comic Books
Resources for Comic Book Creators

Faery Tales
Grimm's Tales
The Arabian Nights

Favorite Artists
About Sensei Shirow
About Miss Takeuchi
About Miss Saito

Drawing Reference
Sword Anatomy

Anime Stores! of my favorite stores to shop at, for all your anime needs!
Anime on DVD -Here you will find all the information needed on upcoming anime dvd releases and much more! -This is where Sofi gets most of her anime and artbooks!

Friends sites
My gallery at artmajeur

My gallery at devianart

Art-Media-Gallery -This is an art gallery created by my friend Yannis Koromilas. Check out the artwork in it!

-This is an art gallery with the artwork of Russian artist Vasilij Belikov. Beautiful oil paintings! Dating!-Corazones is the premier site for friendly Latin and Hispanic dating worldwide. Find single Latinos looking for love from around the globe.

-Dales Quality Artist Links! It has a huge list of very talented artists. Check out the awesome art within!

Ed's Mermaid Page-A site created by Ed, filled with wonderful mermaid art.

-Eurogallery Live Art.

My website is proudly hosted by Check out why!

-TWRAR.ORG (Those who respect artist rights) A site with great PSP tutorials.

-This is Mizu*s Anime Shrine! It's very kawaii!! :D!

Jovi Girls PSP-Check out my friend's awesome group for learning PSP!

Junior McLean's Portfolio-Check out my friend Junior's page!

Cowgirl Pinups-This is my friend Ray's page! ^_^ Check out the awesome cowgirl pinup art!

I am a member of the game advisory panel at the sony playstation underground. awesome gallery showing the art of many international artists, focusing on art, talent and imagination. site with awesome pens and other products that can be personalized to promote your business. Great friendly people. Please tell Sheri I said Hi! :) friend's site and an awesome place to learn to use PSP for sigs and tags.

My page at the digital artist magazine
Van Ho-This is the page of a cool artist named Michael Hocke, who is the creator of Violetta! Check out his cool site!

The artwork of Zamir Anjum-This is the page of a dear artist, (and my lil bro) named Zamir Anjum, who creates awesome abstract art and webdesign! Check out his cool site!

Videogame World!
Soul Calibur!-One of my most favorite sites ever! It has cg renders of each character, background even their history. And the background music files rock too!

Tekken Zaibatsu!-This is the site for all your Tekken needs. Need I say more?? ^^;;

Keep your eyes peeled! More links to come!
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