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Welcome fans and friends, to Sofianime's online store! Here you will find many cool products, goodies and merchandise created with a touch of anime, inspired byfantasy, an overactive imagination and a little cheerful cartoony style.

You can purchase the original art of Elisa Chong, including fantastic, sultry, exotic mermaids and whimsical, cute faeries and more, direct from her GALLERY

10-25-2010 New fantasy art paintings by Elisa Chong are now available at:

New cute mermaid magnets and sexy blue merman mousepads are available at: Sofianime's ZAZZLE STORE!

New glitter mermaid aceos, limited edition aceos and handmade original art is now available for sale at: Sofianime's ETSY STORE
My faerie prints are now available at my site! Go check it out! They ship internationally!
Blue Winged Faerie
Jazmine Faerie

Good news, everyone! The STORE has been revamped! Four new faerie illustrations , and one mermaid ilustration have been added to the store! I hope you all like my new faerie and mermaid illustrations! They were created in pen and ink and watercolors on bristol board. Creating art with watercolors and a soft brush always relaxes me, and the images come out very colorful! Even though it takes me days and weeks to get one illustration finished, from pencil to watercolors, I don't mind how long it takes, as long as i can create a beautiful image for all of you, my dear fans. Go check it out, and get your hands on some beautiful faerie mousepads, prints, lunchboxes, t-shirts and don't forget the posters too!
Click on the images of faeries and the mermaid below to go to the respective store.
As always, thank you my dear fans for all of your support! It is greatly appreciated.


You can order prints of any of my original artwork, in any size you like. My prints can be custom made in larger, different sizes.
If there is anything you like from my gallery that you don't see here, but would like to see the artwork on a product, please email me! And I will make it happen! =) Oh, we can also created customized merchandise for you too!
Email Sofianime with any questions or for more information!
thanks in advance for visiting my store!

~Sofianime! =D

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Thank you very much for your support, my dear fans! It is greatly appreciated! =D!
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